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    I wanted to leave a post on FB or to SLEC or the officers. I have written a thank you “letter” about the convention. I left it as a visitor post on FB, but my FB account is usually deactivated. So here is my letter:

    Participating as a delegate in the 2018 Texas State Libertarian Convention was a revelation. I realized that democracy is not a goal but a process, and I think that this was the first time in my life that I really have participated in democracy. Wow! I am sixty-three years old and this is my first experience of democracy.

    The first day I described as being both boring and interesting. Boring because there is a lot of sitting around and sometimes the procedures can seem tedious. And interesting because people are engaged and invested in what we are doing. We believe that what we are doing is important, maybe not in the details, but in the big picture.

    On Sunday I started to see that this process is simultaneously chaotic and orderly. Chaotic in that the individuals and groups that make up our party each have different opinions and different ways that they want to accomplish the same goals. Orderly in that, via Robert’s Rules of Order and our own Rules, we manage to keep inching forward on the Agenda without too much acrimony.

    Somehow three hundred plus Texans came together in Houston and created something that was greater than the sum of our parts. This is pretty amazing.

    I think that most people, including myself, believe that democracy for the common person is about going into a voting booth and pressing buttons. This is akin to always eating at McDonald’s. Nothing against McDonald’s, but if your only choices are a burger with mayonnaise or a burger with mustard, that is not much of a choice. The voting booth is sort of a product-oriented version of democracy.

    If more people had the opportunity to learn about and participate in the process of democracy, we would have them beating a path to our party’s door. There is a lot to learn about the process. As a rank beginner, I benefited from the knowledge and skill of the many people who have learned how to use Robert’s Rules of Order.

    My thanks to every single person who participated.

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