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    I am going to repeat my feedback as I had problems transmitting it. I hope you received my first commentary because it was a bit more elaborate than this will be. There are a group of dipshits apparently representing the US Federal Government, or agencies thereof, driving around IH 35 in lifted trucks, tinted windows, and blasting mufflers. Throw in a few hundred high powered Ford Mustangs and super charged Dodge Chargers, along with a bunch of little cars with mini putter mufflers, and you have a bunch of low IQ idiots trying to intimidate the masses. It is a mess, and a crying shame. The GAO needs to eliminate funding for this. For those who have not witnessed this then cruise around IH35 Round Rock or Pflugerville. They are all around, and I want to organize with other Libertarians to take names, photos, determine where they live, and see if we can call attention to them via the GAO. Jonathan Dayton, at age 26, and Benjamin Franklin in his eighties both signed our constitution along with a number of other brave men. Our 4th amendment has been destroyed, and if it were not for President Trump and the NRA our second amendment would have been trashed. They are slowly working to do away of the 1st amendment, and censorship of the internet is in full swing. I sure am glad I have remained proficient with my assault rifle and have saved a few bullets. It appears that might be the reminder these misguided individuals need to refresh their memories of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Patrick Henry was noted as saying, Give me liberty of give me death. And the beloved Gadsen flag resonates with the words, “Come and Take It”. Let us go forth and stir up the mix. I will not stand by and see my freedoms taken from me.

    Jerry A Johnson

    Pflugerville, Texas

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